Kingdom's End is the name of our new game

After months of development under the working title "Riskoid" we are pelased to announce that our upcoming turn based multiplayer strategy game will be called "Kingdom's End". Stay tuned for some more news good. Click here.


Strategy Game now in Development

We are currently building a new strategy based game. It's based on board games like Risk and features a cool fantasy theme.

A playable version is now available. We want to engage with your guys and try to make the game the best we can.

We're interested in hearing from people who love those "conquer the map" type games with a strong strategy element.

Interested in trying out the early build and offering suggestions? Click here.


Honey Pot Blue and Honey Pot Red v2.0 available now on the App Store

Honey Pot is reborn! The game has been completely rewritten to make it more stable, faster and best of all, more fun!

We have introduced a number of new game features to make the game easier to make and more enjoyable. The Queen bee now has an assistant that will help you in the game by providing you with cool tools to use. Watch out though, there is also a nasty wasp who is out to spoil your day!

The game is now a Universal app. It works on both the iPhone and the iPad. Twice as much fun already!

We have also introduced a story mode that will allow you to follow the adventures of the Queen as she seeks to grow her hive.

The game has been rewritten in the cocos2d framework which not only makes it run like lightning, but also ensures there are no crashes or glitches (we hope!).

The game now supports French, German, Russian, Chinese (Full Form and Traditional), Japanese, Thai, Malay, Indonesian and Arabic languages.


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Drew Mitchell's Runnin' Rugby Out now!

Our latest game, Drew Mitchell's Runnin' Rugby is in the stores now ...


Honey Pot v2 out now!

Honey Pot v2 is out now - It's a complete rewrite ...

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Honey Pot Red or Blue?

All versions of Honey Pot are now Universal. To make sure everyone gets the free upgrade, we have a Blue and Red version, but they're both the same.

Honey Pot Soundtrack on iTunes

Due to popular demand, the soundtrack for Honey Pot is available as a download from iTunes.


Latest Review from Pocket Gamer

A sweet-looking puzzler.


Retro Gaming with a Modern Twist



Great graphics and sound top off a fun puzzle game that feels at home on the iPhone. Achievements and challenges that you can share with friends will keep you coming back!

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