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Welcome to the Developer's blog! This gives you a blow by blow account of the ongoing development process for our new turn based strategy game, Kingdom's End, currently being developed for the iPad and Mac. Our aim is to capture to fun of classic board games like "Risk", but with a bit more strategic depth.

The game has a fantasy setting. It's set against an epic battle between the Fairies and the Goblins. Exciting stuff!

We're actively looking for feedback and comments, so feel free to download the current free version on the right and let us know what you think!

Until we come up with a better name, the working title of the game is "Riskoid", paying homage to the grandaddy of board games.

Email your comments and any bugs to:


Sample Graphics

April 12, 2012.

The game has a fantasy setting. It's all about fairies and goblins and such. Here's a taster of some of our graphics

Pine Goblin Poppy

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