Drew Mitchell's Runnin' Rugby

You must help International rugby player, Drew Mitchell tackle the gorilla props, side-step beefy flankers and tiny scrumhalves oppositions players and avoid a grizzly dislocated ankle!

Obtain the highest score with a perfect kick and catch on the full, pick up bonus footballs, flame boosts and valuable jersey and cap points. Collect all the bonuses for a perfect score to share with other competitors.

Be careful of those forwards, they want to injure you! Those little scrumhalves aren't your friends either. You definitely want to avoid the pot-bellied loosehead prop!

If they knock you out, the medical team will be on field to carry you off on the Cart of Death. Avoid this at all costs.


- Classic joystick running control

- Developed with Drew Mitchell

- Obtain a perfect score per level for online Game Centre Trophies and Leaderboards

- Score bonus points by collecting seagulls, caps and jerseys.

- Tweet and Facebook your progress

- Never makes friends with the forwards

- Avoid the Cart of Death and the medical team at all costs

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Runnin' Rugby
Runnin' Rugby